Insight from the Vitamins and Supplements Category on Amazon

Misha Pabari

July 22, 2020

nsight from the Vitamins and Supplements Category on Amazon

According to Slice Intelligence, Amazon commands 77% of all vitamin and supplements sales made online in the USA. With this in mind, we decided to share key insights from the Vitamins and Supplements category on Amazon in the UK and Germany from our recent benchmarking report.

Building your Amazon presence to better educate online customers

Driven by aging populations and growing interest in preventative health, particularly as a result of COVID-19, online sales of vitamins and supplements have surged. That said, the Vitamins and Supplements category on Amazon remains a relatively difficult category for consumers to shop without prior product knowledge.

Appropriately representing your brand story and pedigree on Amazon using enhanced brand content, can help to better educate your potential customers about your product provenance and attributes. Our researchers found that the majority of brands from the Vitamins and Supplements category on Amazon failed to link to a branded storefront or include A+ content on their product listings.

Equally as important to building your Amazon presence is the quality of your product information and imagery on listings. We found that product descriptions in the Vitamins & Supplements category lacked detailed information such as dosage instructions, that can help customers to make purchase decisions. Although multiple images can seem unnecessary for products in this category, using simple text to highlight benefits or key ingredients supports brand messaging and drives conversion.

Thorne brand reputation and education

Protect your brand reputation

Customer reviews and ratings determine where your products rank on Amazon, and help to increase conversion rates. Responding to negative reviews on your product listings helps you to protect your brand reputation and keep customer satisfaction up.

However, our researchers found that less than half of brands in the Vitamins & Supplements category on Amazon UK responded to customer questions or poor reviews. Customers are cautious when purchasing health products, so building trust through interaction with them is essential.

A common pain point for the Vitamins and Supplements category on Amazon

Accurately translating all product descriptions for each market, and ensuring product pages are optimised with localised keywords, is crucial to ensure those products will rank in search results and convert.

Localisation was a pain point for brands in the Vitamins & Supplements category on Amazon. Almost all of the brands we reviewed on Amazon UK were also being sold on Amazon in Germany, but those that were largely failed to optimise content to a satisfactory standard.

Pattern are experts in end-to-end global marketplace selling, and a top seller in the Health and Personal Care category on Amazon. Our marketplace management service enables brands to scale their business worldwide, ensuring that a consistent brand message is fully localised across different markets.

Download the full report here to find out if your brand was one of the 100 consumer brands scored as part of our research.

To discuss further category insights from the report or to hear more about our Amazon Seller model, please contact us.

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