The 4 Most Common Pain Points CEOs Experience Selling on Amazon

Rebecca Brown

January 3, 2023

The 4 Most Common Pain Points CEOs Experience Selling on Amazon

At Pattern, we hear the struggles of selling on Amazon from hundreds of global CEOs, and the struggles are remarkably similar. In our most recent Amazon Vendor Survey, we uncovered common pain points faced by brands selling on Amazon in North America.

Learn the top four Amazon seller pain points global CEOs are facing and how to strategically solve each to continue growing your brand on marketplaces.

1. Lack of Customer Data to Inform Decisions

Knowing your customers’ buying habits and preferences is essential to understanding which changes need to be made in your advertising and selling strategies. But Amazon provides limited customer data to their vendors. Typically, the data Amazon does provide is often siloed, which does not give the seller the whole picture.

Making an informed decision on little data leads to confusion and potential revenue loss. At Pattern, we focus on collecting and sharing data to help brands make the best decisions for their customers and business. Our data and insights help brands understand their customers’ behaviors on all marketplaces.

2. Amazon Advertising Cost and Effectiveness

Advertising can be one of the most effective ways to increase traffic and conversions for your product. The problem is Amazon’s lack of transparency to how effective your advertising is performing. You may even  increase advertising spend in the hopes of increasing traffic and conversion, with no real understanding of how effective the increased spend will help your brand.

With a team of Amazon advertising experts, Pattern helps brands improve their return on ad spend (RoAS). We know success on Amazon doesn’t always require a higher ad spend–just a more strategic ad spend.

3. Complex or Expensive Logistics

The complexity and expense of Amazon logistics is enough to keep any CEO up at night. Amazon packages and ships products every day for millions of 1P sellers, which leads to a very complex logistics strategy on their end. As a result, an Amazon 1P seller has limited control over the complexity and, more importantly, logistics expense for their brands’ products.

As an Amazon 3P partner, Pattern helps brands turn their logistics into a strategic weapon and revenue driver. With our global distribution centers and expert teams located in seven countries and five continents, we’ve got a widespread handle on getting your product to where it needs to be in a timely, cost-effective manner.

4. Low Search Rankings

Low search rankings hurts overall sales and can be a frustrating pain point to fix. Creating revenue on marketplaces comes down to excelling in four areas: traffic, conversion, price, and availability. Starting with increasing traffic, you need to get consumers to your listings to generate sales.

A focus on improving your organic and paid search can help increase search rankings. Pattern has helped hundreds of brands increase their search rankings by using data and insights to make the changes to optimize and improve their Amazon storefront and product listings.

Avoid These Challenges on Amazon With Pattern

According to Pattern’s custom research, CEOs around the world are facing similar challenges. The good news is that these pain points are usually avoidable with the right team and knowledge backing you up.

As an Amazon 3P partner, Pattern helps brands gain control and protect their brand on the marketplace worldwide. We take care of every aspect of your Amazon presence, which, as indicated by our survey results, spans the most important areas–from providing customer data to improving search rankings. At Pattern, we provide all the data and information necessary for brands selling on Amazon to perfect their strategy and drive revenue.

Interested in avoiding your challenges of selling on Amazon? Contact us.

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