Best Practice Tips for Brands in the Arts & Crafts Category on Amazon

Misha Pabari

October 6, 2020

colored clay

Praised as one of the top selling categories on Amazon in Europe since the emergence of COVID-19, we’ve taken a look at the presence of consumer brands from the Arts and Crafts category on Amazon, across the UK and German instances of the marketplace. Below we share some insight into the customer experience provided by these brands, including results from our recent benchmarking report.

Relevancy is key

Over the lockdown period in the UK our analysis found that searches for painting by numbers products for adults reached the top 15 search terms across the platform and other terms such as colouring books entered the top 100 searches.

By providing relevant and complete information on product pages, you can increase both product visibility in search results and sales conversion. Brands in the Arts & Crafts category on Amazon notice this, with 90% of brands reviewed had product titles of a sufficient length and included non-branded keywords that are beneficial for Amazon SEO.

While high placements in search results on non-branded terms can be harder to achieve, every brand should be able to occupy the top spot for an Amazon search on its own brand term. 70% of brands from the Arts & Crafts category on Amazon appeared in all 10 of the top 10 organic search results for their brand which suggests. Similarly, over half of the brands reviewed were ranking first when searching for the brand term.

Improve your image stack to help listings stand out

Best practice product images are one of the top aspects in helping your product listings rank as high as possible in Amazon search results. Your imagery display on the product search page as well as the product listings page so it’s crucial they are optimised to help new customers discover your products and allow you to stand out from the millions of other listings already on the marketplace.

Arts & Crafts is a creative category; therefore it is important to demonstrate the products in use by using lifestyle imagery and videos. Despite this, our researchers found that product imagery was poor for brands in the category. Only 30% of brands used close-up images on all listings to show product details and features and only one out of the ten Arts & Crafts brands included lifestyle photographs as part of their image stacks.

faber castell product images

Competing with resellers in the Arts & Crafts category on Amazon

Many brands in the Arts & Crafts category on Amazon faced stiff competition from unauthorised third-party sellers on their top listings. In fact, our research found that 60% of brands had 6 or more sellers on their top listings and a further 30% had between 2 and 5 sellers.

Resellers in the category on Amazon can vary in terms of pricing, packaging, delivery costs and times, and warranty offered, which can be damaging to your brand reputation, and can generate negative feedback for your products. Offering Fulfilment by Amazon will increase your chances of winning the Buy Box on listings and help to improve your seller proposition.

Having in place a marketplace strategy, which accounts for ongoing product optimisation, creating value add brand content, managing reviews and customer service, and ensuring your products are available for Fulfilment By Amazon can be tough for many consumer brands. We recommend brands to consider external support to manage their Amazon presence and help drive extra revenue.

Download the full report here to find out if your brand was one of the 100 consumer brands scored as part of our research.

To discuss further insights from the Arts & Crafts category on Amazon or to hear more about our Amazon Seller model, please get in touch here.

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