Accelerate23: Bringing Together the Brightest Minds in Ecommerce

Rebecca Brown

August 16, 2023

The words: Slow Down and Let the Sparks Fly
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Accelerate, the global ecommerce acceleration summit presented by Pattern, is an annual event that brings together top brands, agencies, marketplaces, and accelerators for two days to learn, network, and experience what’s possible on ecommerce and global marketplaces. The Acceleration Summit is filled with ecommerce presentations, immersive panel sessions, compelling keynote speakers, and topic-based networking.

Accelerate23 Theme: Slow Down and Let the Sparks Fly

“It’s time to slow down and let the sparks fly.”

This was the concluding line of the introductory video of global ecommerce Acceleration Summit 2023 held May 10 and 11. With more than 1,700 attendees ready to learn and connect, the synergy was palpable.

The Acceleration Summit was an opportunity to bring the best ecommerce and brand brains together to learn together in an energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere.

The introductory video shared the purpose of the 2-day conference: “Ideas are revolutionizing entire industries and blazing new trails. These sparks aren’t born of the Zuckerbergs or the Gates. They come from the everyday professionals — the people behind the people. These flashes, these sparks, these innovations and these people are what make ecommerce one of the most exciting global drivers of the global economy.”

As the “people behind the people”, or attendees, gathered at Accelerate23, they had the chance to slow down, get ideas, and feel ready to go back to work enthused and enlightened by the ideas heard at the conference.

“When we slow down to consider the possibilities, our brains are capable of incredible ideas, ground-beaking inventions, and game-changing innovations.”

Accelerate23 Highlights

Ideas throughout the conference came from dozens of speakers from across the globe such as Stephan Jacob, founder and COO of Cotopaxi; Hamid Saify, SVP of digital retail at Liquid Death; Gabe Larsen, head of B2B marketing at META; Tony Shan, head of Americas at Tmall Global; and many more of the brightest minds in the industry.

Keynote speakers included Jessica Alba, founder and Chief Creative Officer at The Honest Company, Michael and Nicole Phelps, and James Clear, author of “Atomic Habits”. Attendees were inspired by the passions and experiences of these speakers at Accelerate23.

Throughout the summit, attendees had the opportunity to attend 8 different tracks focused on various subjects within ecommerce:

  • Brand Experience
  • Ecommerce Trends
  • Marketplace Acceleration
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ecommerce Technology
  • Logistics and Fulfillment
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Brand Control

Accelerate Your Brand with Pattern

As the world’s premier ecommerce accelerator, Pattern knows the importance of having the best minds in the industry, people at every level, across every aspect of a brand’s ecommerce, gather together to further innovation. Accelerate is a chance for everyone in ecommerce to share ideas and encourage innovation.

Join us at Accelerate24.

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