How to use the Amazon Attribution Tool for Influencer Marketing

Akta Bavalia

August 3, 2021

How To Use The Amazon Attribution Tool For Influencer Marketing

Though social selling is a great tactic for any marketer, one of the most common challenges experienced when running influencer campaigns is being able to track and analyse how well they are performing and the contribution to your business goals. Below we describe how we are using the Amazon Attribution tool for influencer marketing to monitor and optimise the demand generation campaigns we run for the brands we sell on the marketplace.

Influencers have the power to generate results at the top of the marketing funnel and all the way to the final conversion stage. Whatever the objective of your influencer camapign, having tangible results is key to assess success against your initial objectives, and inform improvements for future campaigns.

Amazon has noted the increasing importance of influencer marketing, particularly at points further along the customer journey where consumers are ready to make a purchase decision. In a continued effort to support brands with initiatives such as Amazon Live and the Amazon Influencer Programme, the platform has also introduced the Amazon Attribution tool for influencer marketing measurement.

What is the Amazon Attribution tool?

The tool essentially allows for authorised sellers with access to Amazon Brand Registry to gain data and insights into how customers are discovering, researching, and purchasing products from their off-platform marketing channels. This is inclusive of social, email, search video and display.

Pattern’s Head of Digital Marketing Oscar Perales has been using the tool, and believes it is a game-changer for using off-platform marketing to drive traffic to Amazon listings: “This is a huge milestone as Amazon Attribution will allow us to track performance granularly when it comes to traffic from outside of the Amazon platform and provide us with the relevant metrics to assess success. It will allow us to see what the impact of these external campaigns is.”

Amazon Attribution is currently available in North America and a handful of countries in Europe such as UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy. It will soon be rolled out to other markets in the Middle East, Asia and South America.

What can you measure?

Influencers can drive huge success for brands, but it is vital to know how effective they are in converting their audience into customers. Social media platforms are slowly integrating features that support ecommerce, meanwhile the Amazon Attribution tool can provide a holistic view of your campaigns through metrics such as clicks, visits, product views, orders, sales, add to basket and more.

Attribution Tool

As sales through marketplaces such as Amazon continue to grow, there is an increasing role for influencers to drive both brand awareness and direct traffic to brands’ products online and convert them to customers.

As previously mentioned, Amazon itself has become aware of the role that influencers play in aiding sales conversion, and its attribution tool will mean marketers can easily balance the options for influencer marketing and social selling, while gaining full visibility of their cross-channel activities.

To learn more about how influencer marketing Is becoming more prominent in driving marketplace sales, download our latest Influencer Marketing report.

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