Top findings from our Amazon Germany shopper research 2022

Kayla de Oliveira

August 15, 2022

Top Findings From Our Amazon Germany Shopper Research 2022

Pattern’s Amazon Germany shopper research 2022 has highlighted some interesting insights into the changing way that German shoppers are using the platform.

We polled online shoppers in Germany in early 2022 to assess changes in their shopper behaviour and buying habits, with a particular focus on Amazon Germany. Below we highlight three of the most interesting Amazon Germany shopper research insights from our Germany Shopper Report 2022 that will be of interest to brands selling on Amazon.

The start of the shopper journey

The majority of digital shoppers tend to start their searches on Amazon, carrying out research on products prior to making a purchase. This has an effect on the consumer’s opinion on the item and its price point. 96% of German online shoppers reported visiting Amazon to do searches on items they may wish to buy, 56% to check prices and gifts, 52% to look for products they could not find in stores, and 47% to find product information. Close to a third of online shoppers in Germany say that Amazon is their preferred retailer to purchase from.

For brands who choose not to be actively present on Amazon, in particular, those with unauthorised sellers listing their products, these figures should spark interest and provide an incentive to start selling on the marketplace.

Importance of online marketplaces in peak trading periods

The peak trading quarter falls in the fourth quarter of the year and is the most lucrative for brands and retailers, with the highest number of shopping festivals, deals and promotions taking place and leading up to the end of the year. It is clear that online marketplaces are particularly important during this time.

Due to the high volume of sales continuously made in Q4 periods, we asked online shoppers specific questions with regards to gift purchases. 94% of those surveyed had bought a gift online, 81% of which had reported buying a gift on Amazon, highlighting Amazon’s reach in the German market.

Pandemic changes are still being felt

In light of the shift towards online shopping following the pandemic, online sales in Germany saw a 19% YoY increase in 2021. To analyse the reasons behind this growth figure, we asked German online shoppers whether they had bought something from Amazon in the past 12 months, and from which Amazon site they had made the purchase.

96% of German online shoppers bought from Amazon in the last 12 months, and the majority, 88%, of these were on the website. 81% of Germans surveyed believed that there would be further changes in their shopping behaviours, with 38% expecting to buy more from in 2022.

Our Amazon Germany shopper research shows that the majority of online shoppers buy from the platform. German online shoppers choose Amazon over other sites or stores due to ease of use, lower price points, quicker delivery times, wider ranges of products, Prime benefits, convincing reviews, and physical stores being closed during lockdown. Amazon is a crucial channel for gift buying, but more importantly, is being widely used at the start of a shopper’s journey as they do research on potential purchases. Many German online shoppers believe they will spend more on in 2022, and globally, the marketplace is on track to have another strong year.

Download the full 2022 Germany Shopper Report to learn more about the insights we have gained from this research.

You can also find insights on Amazon Germany and 16 other markets here.

For more information on how we could support your brand on Amazon, or to hear more about our Amazon Seller model, please contact us through this page.

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