Key Benchmarks: Home & Kitchen Category on Amazon

Misha Pabari

October 6, 2020

Home & Kitchen category on Amazon Key Benchmarks

The Home & Kitchen category on Amazon has quickly become one of the fastest growing and most competitive categories in recent years. Just this year between January and April, visits to the category rose by 5% year-on-year.

Our team recently analysed the presence of 100 consumer brands from 10 categories including the Home & Kitchen category, across the UK and German instances of Amazon. In this blog, we highlight key benchmarks for brands who wish to improve the customer experience they provide on the marketplace.

Enhance your product imagery

Showcasing your products in action through lifestyle imagery and videos can help to provide context for customers, particularly for brands in the Home & Kitchen category where items may have complex features and functionality. In doing so, you can increase your brand’s position in search rankings as well as the click-through rate to the product pages.

Although the majority of Home & Kitchen brands from our research included close-up images within their image stacks, 50% failed to show products in use through lifestyle imagery and a further 80% failed to add simple text to secondary images to outline dimensions and features.

Provide complete information in the Home & Kitchen category on Amazon

Ensuring your product listing is fully optimised and relevant to what customers are searching for is considered best practice regardless of your category on Amazon. By providing relevant and complete information on product pages, you can increase product visibility in search results and sales conversion.

Brands in the Home & Kitchen category on Amazon must not overlook product descriptions and bullet points to ensure that potential customers have enough information to make a purchase decision when they visit their product pages.  Making sure to include the brand and model name or number in product titles can be hugely beneficial for search engine optimisation. Our researchers found that 100% brands we reviewed in this category recognised this, with titles of a satisfactory length that included relevant keywords.

complete information in amazon listing

Why customer service matters

Customer questions help you to understand what your audience thinks about your product. They allow brands to review their product listings and see where there may be important information missing. Likewise, responding to poor reviews also helps to build trust and protect brand reputation.

40% of brands in the Home & Kitchen category answered customer questions and but only 10% of brands responded to poor reviews on their product listings. That said, our researchers noticed that while few brands replied to poor reviews, the Home & Kitchen category also had noticeably fewer poor reviews compared to other categories on Amazon.

The results from our report help to remind many brands who have a direct relationship with Amazon of how complex a task it is to continually ensure that even the product listings for their top products are optimised to maximise conversion.

Download the full report here to find out if your brand was one of the 100 consumer brands scored as part of our research.

For more insights into the Home & Kitchen category on Amazon or to hear more about our Amazon Seller model, please contact us here.

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