Amazon holds 37.8% of ecommerce market share in the U.S. So, it’s no surprise brands are eager to be present and optimized on the platform. Brands know the key to performing well on the platform is to drive traffic to your listings, and that takes great advertising. But what brands don’t know is that a truly effective Amazon ad strategy, one that maximizes your revenue, combines the power of organic and paid search.

As part of our recent Executive Acceleration Forum, Pattern’s data-driven approach to ecommerce helps you maximize your performance within the ecommerce equation: traffic x conversions x price = profitability. We know how to help you drive more traffic to your listings, optimize them for conversions, and we always uphold your MAP policy for price stability.

Find out how a great organic and paid ad strategy can help you become a more profitable brand.

Organic and Paid Rank Need to Work Together

It’s easy to see why many brands tend to hyperfocus on paid search rankings in their Amazon ad strategy. After all, you can’t create an organic ad, and paid rankings show up before the organic spots in Amazon search results.

But the holy grail of Amazon advertising success is being able to reduce your ad spend over time by using paid ads to boost your organic listing. The process of reducing your ad spend over time is relatively simple to understand:

  1. Learn which keywords are driving traffic to your brand.
  2. Find out who you’re competing with on those keywords.
  3. Determine which keywords are your lowest-hanging fruit.
  4. Direct your ad spend toward winning that traffic.
  5. Gain winning momentum through conquesting those easier-to-win keywords, working your way up on the search rankings “ladder”.
  6. Watch your organic ranking rise as Amazon recognizes your listing’s success from your paid efforts.
  7. When you win the top organic spot, ease off on ad spend.

Easier said than done, right? And yet, at Pattern, we’ve proven the success of this model over and over. When you have the data and technology to get you the right information about your listings, you can strategically conquest your way to the top organic search slots.

High Rankings Drive Revenue for Your Brand

Achieving top rankings with your product listing through both paid and organic search is crucial to your success on Amazon. Another large by-product of this strategy is that you develop a large “bank” of keywords directing consumers to your listing, leading to an understanding of what we call your “true RoAS”. Pattern’s technology incorporates all of these ideas and strategies into one solution that makes it easy for our brands to see how and where they’re improving their Amazon ad strategy. You can try our free version here.

Organic traffic from keywords is a huge component of the ecommerce equation. Without traffic, price and conversions don’t matter. With an optimized path to getting high traffic to your listings, you can increase your profitability on Amazon.

Improve Your Amazon Ad Strategy With Pattern

As we speak with brands, we understand that improving your Amazon ad strategy is easier said than done. Finding the enough of and the right resources to improve your ecommerce marketplace performance is out of reach for many brands.

Pattern solves this problem for CEOs by combining the power of truly expert teams and our proprietary technology. We harness millions of data points to help our brand partners succeed on Amazon. Using our proven conquest strategy, we can help brands find long tail keywords they can easily overtake, building momentum to win top ad spots against competitors and boost organic rankings along the way.

Contact us here to learn more.

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